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William Saxbe

Outspoken Lawyer General beneath the Nixon administration who led the investigation in to the Watergate scandal. He was also a US Senator from Ohio and the united states Ambassador to India. He was the 4th AG to serve under Nixon: the 1st two had been implicated in the Watergate scandal, and the 3rd resigned in protest on the stonewalling of his analysis. He dismissed Nixon’s statements of ignorance from the affair by likening him to ‘the guy who takes on piano at a bawdy home for twenty years and says he doesn’t understand what’s happening upstairs.’ He was created in the tiny farming city of Mechanicsburg, Ohio, where his dad worked like a cattle purchaser. His penchant for frankness occasionally got him in big trouble, like the period he known as Patty Hearst, the socialite who was simply kidnapped and became a member of the Symbionese Liberation Military, “a common legal.”

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