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British actor who played out the initial role of THE PHYSICIAN about Dr. Who. He kept the part from 1963 until 1966. He dabbled in boxing and qualified to be always a equine jockey before ultimately finding focus on stage. He starred in movies like the Sporting Existence (1963) as well as the Mouse that Roared (1959) before getting his marquee part as Dr. Who. He wedded Heather McIntyre in 1929. He was been successful as THE PHYSICIAN by Patrick Troughton.

Quick Facts

Full Name William Hartnell
Date Of Birth January 8, 1908
Died April 23, 1975, Marden, United Kingdom
Place Of Birth London, England
Height 1.73 m
Profession TV Actor
Education Italia Conti Academy of Theatre Arts
Nationality American, English
Spouse Heather McIntyre
Children Heather Anne Hartnell
Parents Lucy Hartnell
Movies The Five Doctors, Carry On Sergeant, This Sporting Life, The Way Ahead, Brighton Rock, And the Same to You, Heavens Above!, Hell Drivers, Odd Man Out, Appointment with Crime, Tomorrow at Ten, Private's Progress, Temptation Harbour, The Dark Tower, Piccadilly Third Stop, The World Ten Times Over, Double Confession, The Night We Dropped a Clanger, Josephine and Men, Tons of Trouble, Now Barabbas, The Hypnotist, The Ringer, The Dark Man, Suspected Person, Yangtse Incident: The Story of H.M.S. Amethyst, Freedom Radio, Strawberry Roan, Escape, Murder in Reverse, Headline, The Mouse That Roared, Footsteps in the Fog, They Flew Alone, The Bells Go Down, They Drive by Night, The Lost People, I'm an Explosive, Murder Will Out, The Desperate Man, Sabotage at Sea, The Agitator, The Peterville Diamond, Date with Disaster, Swinging the Lead, Follow the Lady, The Perfect Flaw, Too Dangerous to Live, Strictly Confidential, Seeing Is Believing, On the Run
TV Shows Doctor Who, The Army Game
Star Sign Capricorn

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1His departure from the role of Doctor Who led to the introduction of the "regeneration" concept that has since become a trademark. Ironically, his incarnation of the Doctor is the only version that has also been played by other actors, while still being referred to as the "First Doctor." In the film Dr. Who and the Daleks (1965), the Doctor is played by Peter Cushing; though this was before regeneration had been created. After Hartnell's death, Richard Hurndall played his doctor in "The Five Doctors.".
2His final film role was a cameo in "The Abominable Dr. Phibes", but he was cut out of the film entirely.
3His last episode as The Doctor ("The Tenth Planet") was also the first ever appearance of The Cybermen.
4His was the only version of The Doctor who smoked (In his case, a pipe).
5During his time on Doctor Who (1963) he began to increasingly suffer from arteriosclerosis, which caused him to often make mistakes while delivering his lines. Due to lack of time and money, scenes were usually filmed using one take, so these mistakes ended up in the finished episodes and are considered among fans to be something of a trademark of Hartnell's performance as the Doctor.
6Appeared in 134 episodes during his 3 years on Doctor Who (1963), the second highest number after Fourth Doctor Tom Baker, who appeared in 172 episodes over 7 years. This heavy workload became tough for him as time went on and his health began to decline.
7Throughout his tenure as the Doctor, he wore a wig when playing the part, as the character had long hair, whereas in private life he himself favored the traditional short-back-and-sides. Very few photographs exist of him dressed as the Doctor without the wig.
8When he left Doctor Who (1963), the producer of the show came up with a unique idea: since the Doctor is an alien, he can transform into another man when he dies, thereby renewing himself.
9He first took the role of the Doctor to get away from being typecast as gruff military types and to appear in something his grandchildren could watch.
10He reportedly approved of the casting of Patrick Troughton to succeed him in Doctor Who (1963), a decision by Innes Lloyd, the then producer of the series.
11He was the oldest actor, starting at age 55, to play The Doctor in Doctor Who (1963) until Peter Capaldi, at age 56, took over for Matt Smith in the latest Doctor Who (2005) series.
12He was the first actor to play the role of the Doctor in Doctor Who (1963).
13Was offered a role in Doctor Zhivago.
14Was sacked for being late from In Which We Serve.
15One of (as of 2009) eleven actors to play "official" incarnations of TV's Doctor Who. Also as of 2009, the only actor playing the The Doctor to have died in England.
16He was the only child of an unmarried mother Lucy Hartnell, who was seventeen years old at the time of his birth. He was raised primarily by her elder sister Bessie.
17He was invalided out of the Royal Armoured Corps of the British Army during the Second World War, after suffering a nervous breakdown.
18At one time he shared the same agent as Nicholas Courtney, who later became a regular in Doctor Who (1963) as Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart.
19Grandfather of actress Jessica Carney.
20Always claimed he was born in Seaton, Devon, England, but he was actually born in St. Pancras, London, England.



Suspected Person1942Saunders
A Voice in the Night1941Radio Location Aerial Operator (uncredited)
They Came by Night1940Undetermined Role (unconfirmed, uncredited)
Murder Will Out1939Dick (as Billy Hartnell)
Too Dangerous to Live1939Bit Part (as Billy Hartnell)
They Drive by Night1938Bus Conductor (as Billy Hartnell)
Troopship1937Minor Role (uncredited)
Nothing Like Publicity1936Pat Spencer (as Billy Hartnell)
Midnight at the Wax Museum1936Stubbs (as Billy Hartnell)
The Shadow of Mike Emerald1936uncredited
The Crimson Circle1936as Billy Hartnell
Parisian Life1936as Billy Hartnell
Mister Hobo1935Car Salesman (uncredited)
While Parents Sleep1935George
Old Faithful1935as Billy Hartnell
Seeing Is Believing1934Ronald Gibson
Swinging the Lead1934Freddy Fordum
The Perfect Flaw1934Vickers
The Lure1933Billy
Follow the Lady1933Mike Martindale
I'm an Explosive1933Edward Whimperley
Say It with Music1932
Doctor Who1963-1973TV SeriesDr. Who The Abbot of Amboise
Crime of Passion1970TV SeriesHenri Lindon
Life with Johnny1969TV Series
Softly Softly1968TV SeriesHenry Swift
No Hiding Place1967TV SeriesImpey
The World Ten Times Over1963Dad
The Edgar Wallace Mystery Theatre1963TV SeriesInspector Roberts
Tomorrow at Ten1963Freddy Maddox
Heavens Above!1963Major Fowler
The Plane Makers1963TV SeriesWally Griggs
This Sporting Life1963'Dad' Johnson
To Have and to Hold1963Insp. Roberts
Ghost Squad1961TV SeriesFred Rice
The Army Game1957-1960TV SeriesCSM Percy Bullimore CSM Bullimore
Piccadilly Third Stop1960Colonel
ITV Television Playhouse1960TV SeriesJim / Reynolds
And the Same to You1960Walter 'Wally' Burton
Jackpot1960Supt. Frawley
The Desperate Man1959Smith
Make Mine a Double1959W / O Bright
The Mouse That Roared1959Will Buckley
Shake Hands with the Devil1959Sergeant Jenkins
Dial 9991958-1959TV SeriesJeff Richards / Joss Crawford
Probation Officer1959TV SeriesGreg Miller
Strictly Confidential1959Grimshaw
The Flying Doctor1959TV SeriesAbe McKeller
Carry on Sergeant1958Sergeant Grimshawe
On the Run1958Tom Casey
A Santa for Christmas1957TV Movie
Scotland Yard Dragnet1957Detective Inspector Ross
Hell Drivers1957Cartley
Date with Disaster1957Tracey
Battle Hell1957Leading Seaman Frank
The Errol Flynn Theatre1956TV Series
Private's Progress1956Sgt. Sutton
Doublecross1956Herbert Whiteway
Tons of Trouble1956Bert
London Playhouse1955TV SeriesKenyon
Josephine and Men1955Detective Sgt Parsons
Footsteps in the Fog1955Herbert Moresby
Rheingold Theatre1955TV SeriesChristy
Will Any Gentleman...?1953Detective Inspector Martin
Seagulls Over Sorrento1953TV MoviePetty Officer Herbert
The Holly and the Ivy1952Company Sergeant Major
The Ringer1952Sam Hackett
The Pickwick Papers1952Irate Cabman
The Magic Box1951Recruiting Sergeant
The Dark Man1951Superintendent of Police
Double Confession1950Charlie Durham
The Lost People1949Barnes
Now Barabbas1949Warder Jackson
Escape1948Inspector Harris
Brighton Rock1947Dallow
Temptation Harbor1947Jim Brown
Odd Man Out1947Fencie
Appointment with Crime1946Leo Martin
Query1945Tom Masterick
The Agitator1945Peter Pettinger (as Billy Hartnell)
Strawberry Roan1944Chris Lowe (as Billy Hartnell)
The Way Ahead1944Sgt. Ned Fletcher (as Billy Hartnell)
The Dark Tower1943Jim Towers (as Bill Hartnell)
The Bells Go Down1943Brookes (as Billy Hartnell)
The Peterville Diamond1943Joseph (as Bill Hartnell)
Sabotage at Sea1942Jacob Digby
The Goose Steps Out1942German Officer at Station (uncredited)
Wings and the Woman1942Scotty (as Billy Hartnell)
Flying Fortress1942Gaylord Parker (uncredited)



Points West1967TV SeriesHimself
A Defeated People1946Documentary shortCommentator (voice)

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The Lively Arts1977TV Series documentaryThe Doctor
Kraft Mystery Theater1961TV SeriesSmith

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Doctor Who (1963)£315 per episode (1966)
Carry on Sergeant (1958)£2,000

1[on the Daleks] They were difficult to play to. Because you're not looking into human eyes, you know what I mean. You're looking at a metal object moving about, with a voice-over.
2I'm a legitimate character actor of the theatre and film.
3[on children] They find me a cross between the Wizard of Oz and Father Christmas.
4I don't like anything blue or salacious or suggestive because I'm not that type of actor.

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