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Viktor Frankl

Appreciated for his development of a kind of existential psychotherapy referred to as logotherapy, this prominent psychiatrist, neurologist, and Holocaust survivor also penned a bestselling, memoir-based psychological function titled Man’s Seek out Meaning. He gained a medical level from the College or university of Vienna and eventually worked being a neurology and psychiatry resident in the suicide ward of Vienna’s Steinhof Psychiatric Medical center. For his function in the areas of psychiatry and religious beliefs, he gained the American Psychiatric Association’s 1985 Oskar Pfister Prize. During the many years of Globe War II as well as the Holocaust, he spent period on the infamous Auschwitz focus camp, where his mom perished within a gas chamber. His wife, Tilly Grosser, afterwards died on the Bergen-Belsen camp. Early in his profession, he was seriously influenced with the psychological ideas of Alfred Adler and Sigmund Freud.

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