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From 96 AD until his loss of life in 98AD, this Nervan-Antonine dynasty emperor peacefully, though somewhat ineffectively, ruled Rome. A Flavian loyalist in his youthful years, he helped Roman Emperor Nero uncover the Pisonian conspiracy of 65AD and continued to serve as a consul under Emperors Vespasian and Domitian. Pursuing Domitian’s assassination, the Roman Senate produced Nerva Emperor of Rome. His cremated continues to be found their last relaxing place at Rome’s Mausoleum of Augustus. The kid of Sergia Plautilla and Marcus Cocceius Nerva, he was created in Narni, Italy. Quickly before his loss of life, he adopted the favorite general Trajan as his kid and imperial heir. He and “Philosopher Ruler” Marcus Aurelius had been both Emperors of Rome.

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