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Journalist who all began presenting The Wright Stuff in 2000 and wrote a column for The Daily Reflection. He earned a qualification in British and drama in the School of Exeter. He provides created columns for SUNLIGHT as well as the Daily Superstar Weekend. He got wedded to Amelia Wright this year 2010. He acted within a 2003 bout of Overall Power with Stephen Fry .

Quick Facts

Full Name Matthew Wright
Date Of Birth July 8, 1965
Place Of Birth England
Height 1.93 m
Weight 91 kg
Profession TV Show Host
Education University of Exeter
Nationality Canadian
Spouse Amelia Wright
Movies The Little Detectives
TV Shows The Wright Stuff, Inside Out
Star Sign Cancer

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1He is big fan of Haircut 100.
2Came second in Heat Magazine's "Weird Crush of the Year", finishing second to James May.
3Often makes fluffs in delivery and misreads the autocue due to the speed of his speech. He once caused amusement by claiming Deacon Blue had "a string of hit signals".
4Earned the nickname "Shirley" at school due to his uncanny resemblance to the film star Shirley Temple.
5Wright is a great supporter of music crowdfunding. In April 2004, he interviewed the neo-progressive rock band, 1980s chart regulars and online music crowdfunding pioneers Marillion on BBC Radio 2 about how they had sustained their career through the direct support of their fans. He subsequently crowdfunded an album by a Belgian avant-garde jazz band, The Wrong Object, for which he also received a credit as a producer.
6Attended the wedding of Phil Collins and Orianne Cevey in 1999.
7He was a fan of the television series Doctor Who (1963) as a child. He claims the scariest story he saw was Doctor Who: The Green Death: Episode One (1973). His favourite Doctor, though, was Tom Baker.
8One of his all time favourite albums is "The Colour of Spring" by Talk Talk. Other favourites include "Siren" by Roxy Music and "Revolver" by The Beatles (which he considers their best album).
9Studied Drama and English at Exeter University.
10A fan of Led Zeppelin. His favourite songs are "Going to California" and "The Battle of Evermore".
11A fan of Giant Sand.
12A fan of The Grateful Dead.
13A fan of Sparklehorse.
14Owns a 750cc Triumph T140V Bonneville motorcycle, kept in his home's hallway.
15He enjoys angling.
16He used to regularly sit in for other presenters on BBC Radio 2, which led to his being given his own regular show on the channel, The Weekender, which is broadcast on a Friday night between 22:00 and 00:00.
17He is a big fan of the late Frank Zappa.
18He is a fan of psychedelic, progressive/art rock music. He is a fan of Gong and Here & Now (he claims that seeing Here & Now in concert in 2010 was one of the best shows he has been to). He described Peter Gabriel as a "god-like musical genius" in the Mirror in 1999.
19Once sang with progressive rock band Hawkwind at London's Astoria.
20Former journalist with tabloid newspapers The Sun and the Daily Mirror.



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Archive Footage

The Wright Stuff2013TV SeriesHimself
'Neighbours' on Five2008TV Movie documentaryHimself (uncredited)

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1[on Haircut 100] The soundtrack for the '80s, certainly for me.
2I stopped listening to Joss Stone when she started talking with a North American accent despite coming from north Devon.
3I do think that we Brits have a peculiar devil-may-care attitude to a lot of things. We invented punk rock which was sort of two fingers to everything, anarchy and nihilism.
4I know Isaac Asimov's three rules of robotics. I learned it on a Hawkwind song.
5[on Smashing Pumpkins, who he saw seven times] One of the best bands I'd ever seen in my life.
6[on Kingsland Road's debut single, Dirty Dancing] I think it's an absolutely top tune, I really do.
7If you can make money out of doing something you love, you're a very lucky person. I know I am.
8[on the police's raid on Cliff Richard's Berkshire property] People have been speculating about Cliff's [Cliff Richard] sex life for years and years, whether that's relevant in any way I do not know. We don't know any of the detail behind it but one of the aspects that troubles me about this is it sounds from what we're told in the report that one person has made an allegation and - based on that allegation - the police go straight in and turn someone's house over.
9[on Chiswick] A nice leafy part of West London.
10That fact that our army wouldn't fill Wembley. That's a shocking thought. Gosh.
11Is there any one policy Nick Clegg has ever stuck to for more than two years?
12In 1990 we had New Order, friend of the show John Barnes rapping over the best ever World Cup tune World in Motion.
13I adore Joanna Lumley and she's done some amazing work.
14[on Paul Young] Pop legend.
15Life of Rock with Brian Pern, I mean the funniest thing I've ever seen.
16Holly Willoughby would be fantastic in a quiz team, I think. Just someone else's team.
17[on Anne Diamond] The Queen of Daytime TV.
18[on Melanie Chisholm] She's a top lady.
19You don't have to do what Elton John did and dress up like a giant Daffy Duck to try and sell a few records.
20[on Matt Cardle] A regular bloke with an amazing voice.
21[on Yasmin Alibhai-Brown] One of my closest friends.
22[on Professor Green] Through sheer talent, Green has made himself a fortune.
23[on "Rise" by Public Image Ltd.] I love that tune.
24[on Vivian Stanshall] Probably Britain's greatest ever eccentric. Amazing man. Amazing character.
25[on Tamara Ecclestone] An airhead.
26Sting did a whole album of lute music in about two minutes but it wasn't very good.
27[on The Voice UK (2012)] Dismal.
28After eight long, heavily publicised years I'm bored of Daleks, Cyberpersons and Zygons. I don't give a monkeys who's going to replace Matt Smith either. I think if you left it a few years, I might be excited.
29A bad title doesn't mean bad music. I love Locust Abortion Technician by the brilliant Butthole Surfers. Likewise there are good tunes on Elton John's Captain Fantastic and the Brown Dirt Cowboy. What about George Clinton's Hey Man, Smell My Finger or REO Speedwagon's You Can Tune a Piano But You Can't Tune a Fish? I could go on: Frank Zappa's Sheik Yerbouti and of course Sleep Dirt, another favourite, and anything by Manic Street Preachers.
30[on Adele] She's a megastar but she's normal, which is almost unheard of.
31I'm old and I like The Sugababes.
32[on "I Wanna Dance With Somebody"] Who could ever forget a song like this? Whitney Houston at her peak, I would have said there. In her prime, although the great songs kept coming.
33[on Thatcherism] Government, working hand-in-hand with media institutions, bashed the unions and as a result people now work on contracts, they don't get full holiday pay, they don't get any of the protection they used to get.
34[on Nerina Pallot] This country's finest singer-songwriter.
35[on Beyoncé Knowles] Why does empowering women always involve acting as a sex object for men? How does she demonstrate empowering women? She looks to me like a victim of a male-driven record business.
36[on "Pop Wound" by The Good Suns, which featured Lembit Öpik in the video] It's a great song.
37I was listening to a Public Image [Public Image Ltd.] song yesterday, "Poptones". It's a really artful piece of music. There was an element of art to what they did. Malcolm McLaren was very switched on about design. When Johnny Rotten first appeared with his orangey green hair, his missing teeth, his clothes from Vivienne Westwood, no one had ever seen anything like it before, ever. That was art.
38I don't like big dogs because I live in the city and I think it's really, really irresponsible to have big dogs.
39[on "I Can" by Blue] I thought it was a cracking tune, I really did.
40[on "All That Echoes" by Josh Groban] It's a terrific album.
41[to Adamski] You made the '90s for me almost singlehandedly, so thank you for that.
42I'm mad on my music.
43[on Take That in 2011] I agree with people when they say they are the best band in Britain. I think they are the best band in Britain but that's not necessarily a good thing. It begs the question: where are all the other, better bands?
44[on Robbie Williams] I always thought he was a great performer.
45The only winner in the X Factor is Simon Cowell, ITV and the advertisers.
46Even though I'm old, I quite like N-Dubz 'cos I think they write catchy tunes.
47Mark Linkous, my hero, killed himself. I like vulnerable people.
48The BBC has ravaged Doctor Who (2005) to the point where it's just overcooked for me. I've had enough. I actually think he's terrific, Matt Smith.
49[on Doctor Who: The Green Death: Episode One (1973)] I'm still traumatised by Doctor Who and The Green Death and I saw that well over 35 years ago.
50Big up to Adele. She is just fantastic, no nonsense, speaks from the heart. God bless her.
51I'm a forgiving guy. I'm not one, for example, who thinks perverts should be killed at birth - something an old lady shouted at Langham (Chris Langham) not long after his release. I don't believe anyone is born a kiddy-fiddler either. Both Langham and Glitter had troubled childhoods. Langham even claims he was raped as a boy. I also believe once you've done your time, you've done your time. So will I be going to see Langham's new film, the name of which has completely slipped my mind, when it's released next month? Will I hell! The comic says he needs to work to support his family and I'm sure that's true. But what he needs is a proper job. The last thing he should doing is seeking our approval on the big screen, hoping we'll forgive and forget his crime as we shell out for cinema tickets. If that is what Langham's after, I hope he's left bitterly disappointed.
52[on Gary Glitter] There was a time when everyone wanted to be in his gang. I was one of them. I paid a fiver for a giant yellow foam hand they were selling on the way to the gig and spent the whole concert waving it above my head like a loon. And yet, not long after that fantastic night, nobody wanted Gary Glitter to be their leader any more. His records stopped selling. His hits disappeared from the radio, never to return. Glitter, real name Paul Gadd, had been caught with thousands of sickening child porn images on his computer. He got four months, served two and was acquitted of having sex with an under-age girl. With no career to speak of, Glitter fled the UK on a yacht and later got nailed for child sex abuse in Vietnam. A couple of years back he threatened to write a book protesting his innocence but I've not seen it. God knows where he is now. Nowhere near your kids, hopefully.
53Fabulous. (On Stacey Solomon)
54There's a small section of society - sometimes it feels like a large section of society - who are downright rude and unpleasant.
55The most important thing we have to remember is that the very rich pay less tax. That's the objective of the government. The very rich were paying 50% tax, now it's gone down to 45%. But we've got to remember the priority in this country is to ensure the rich get richer.
56I still think they're an incredible band. (On Echo & The Bunnymen)
57Absolute diamond geezer. I won't hear a word against him. (On Rick Astley)
58Oasis have never been "the voice of a generation" as some dim-witted cheerleaders have insisted. They're an old fashioned, good-time rock'n'roll band in an era of faceless dance pap and music business sterility. For a brief, shining moment they had the whole nation 'Mad For It' and vowed to conquer the world. We applauded their hell-raising, aped the Liam swagger and willed them to become the biggest band ever. But that was three years ago. Endless bust-ups, messy personnel departures and two half-hearted albums later and it's all dribbling to a sorry conclusion. The rest of the world couldn't care less (and never did) and even Noel admits the band have already turned into The Rolling Stones - i.e. they can sell out Wembley Stadium, but record sales are hardly spectacular.
59Up with Tom Baker's, one of the two best celebrity autobiographies of all time. (On Antony Worrall Thompson's autobiography)
60A thin woman with a thinner voice. (On Victoria Beckham)
61If a mentally impaired shrieker like Susan Boyle can be a celebrity, I guess anyone can.
62No offence to Inspector Morse (1987), but DI Jack Regan - that was Thaw's greatest copper creation, a really gritty, no nonsense, beat the living daylights out of the villains, back in the days when policemen could be policemen! (On The Sweeney (1975))
63Frost is the worst detective in TV history. (On A Touch of Frost (1992))
64I've never voted for them in my life and, God willing, I never will. (On the Conservative Party)
65Glitter (Gary Glitter) has done his time, why shouldn't he be allowed to earn a living, and the song, Do You Wanna Touch Me, is a mighty fine tune, whatever you think of the singer.
66Thank God for that! The great tragedy, he's one of the great drummers we've ever had. (On the story that Phil Collins was retiring from music in 2011)
67Can't sing, can't dance, dull as cheese. What's left to say? If I had a daughter, would I want her to look up to a woman who can't sing and can't dance or would I want her to look up to somebody who uses their brain for the furtherment and betterment of mankind? (On Cheryl)
68What is the real crime? To occupy an empty house or to leave a house empty when people are without homes?
69I once got stuck in a motel in Carolina in America for a week with no money and all I watched was Hawaii Five-O (1968) back-to-back. I'm a big fan.
70It's a cracking tune and I love the video. (On "Like U Like" by Aggro Santos)
71God-awful. (On "Don't Stop Believin'" by Journey)
72I could happily let myself go. I'm not that bothered personally - there wasn't much to lose in the first place! But I'm aware that other people judge me on my looks, especially as I work in television, so I make the effort to keep them happy. Botox? Hair dye? I could. Having an op to boost my buttocks? I'd rather spend the night in prison with George Michael.
73They used to call me Shirley back then because I had masses of curly hair and looked like Shirley Temple. I hated it. Sometimes they'd grab me and run me into this post in the playground with my legs apart. The nutcracker they called it. Never did me no harm - and I can harmonise with The Bee Gees. (On his school days)
74Elton John, Sir Elton, God bless him, I can't get over the fact every time I see it, I think: 'That's a thatch.'
75Tony Blair ended up with five houses as a result of the boom years of Labour. And when he was interviewed by Andrew Marr about the five houses, Tony offered the righteous, socialist excuse that he has to look after his children, of which I believe there are four. Four children, five houses. So it's a little bit beyond a house per child.
76I love Wales. I love the rivers, I love Lowri (Lowri Turner), Charlotte Church, Tom Jones, Richard Burton - though I could live without Gavin Henson.
77I bet they're the same people that buy Susan Boyle records as well. I can put them all in one big bunch. People with no taste whatsoever. (On people voting for Ann Widdecombe in Strictly Come Dancing (2004)).
78I find the deification of Cheryl, who I'm sure is an absolutely lovely lady, but I find it one of the darkest things to have happened in my entire life.
79I don't get it. The music's rubbish and the look is what Steve Strange was doing 25 years ago. What's new about Lady Gaga?
80Love him or loathe him, you cannot deny the guy's as cunning as a fox, slick as the Gulf of Mexico and just as oily. (On Tony Blair)
81Just because something's popular doesn't make it right. Nazism always comes to mind on that score - and The X Factor (2004).
82He stripped himself emotionally and stuck himself out there, sang from the heart about his marriage problems and God knows what else, and I think people related to that. (On Phil Collins)
83For the next five, six years, Phil Collins was in clover really, I don't think he could do anything wrong. I don't think anyone expected this balding, short man to be such a star really. (On the success of No Jacket Required)
84I used to work on newspapers and so I used to get sent to see loads and loads of bands that everybody likes that I happened to think were terrible ... and Bon Jovi and Bryan Adams were pretty near the top.
85We gave the world The Beatles, the Stones (The Rolling Stones), Marc Bolan, Hawkwind, Dan Woodgate, The Jam, The Smiths, Oasis, Blur, Take That, Spice Girls, D.J. Ironik. We are the gods of pop music, and yet we are utterly, utterly useless when it comes to Eurovision.
86I did go but I really wanted to leave. (On going to see the film Mamma Mia! (2008))
87He's made 15 million since he's left, that's 15 million socialist pounds, obviously, as a Labour prime minister. I feel slightly queasy when I think about Tony Blair's fortune and his big houses everywhere - socialist houses.
88We're in an age of new reactionism now. We don't want boundaries pushed, we want to contract. We want to play safe. Comedians can't make jokes about this, they can't make jokes about that. There's BBC policy units in overdrive, trying to control, control, control. (Speaking in 2010)
89Most people in the country don't watch The X Factor (2004) but you would never know that from reading the papers.
90I believe Hawkwind are the world's greatest rock band.
91Lots of people with no ability go on to become famous, Spice Girls spring immediately to mind - the biggest selling female band of all time.
92I'm very comfortable as a slightly camp man. I can't be any other way, so if people want to imagine they're my gay lovers, more power to them.
93I blame Pop Idol (2001) if it rains.
94How much worse can my opinion of Sting be? No matter what you read about Sting and his wife, though, nothing is as bad as his last album.
95Jude Law, while a marvellous and talented actor, is frankly too wimpy to cut it as 007.
96I'm not interested in the Civil Service at all, they can all go.
97Should Charles (Prince Charles) ever be allowed to perch on the throne as king? The guy is to PR what The Cheeky Girls are to pop music - a bad joke in my view.
98I'm not a socialist. I hate all politicians equally.

1Introducing his guests as "the fabulous"

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