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Georgie VeganFamilyTV

Matriarch from the YouTube vlogging family members seen for the route Family members Fizz. The category of 4 became popular for documenting their lives as vegans while also publishing vlogs, problems and even more. Her hubby Darren viewed a documentary known as Earthlings in 2012 which sparked the modification for his entire family members to look vegan. Their YouTube route was initially known as VeganFitnessCom. She and Darren developed a route for themselves in January of 2017 known as Vegan Fitness Television. She and Darren’s daughters Mia and Sienna superstar alongside them on Family members Fizz. The daughters may also be seen for the route FUNsisters. The documentary Earthlings which motivated her family members to look vegan was narrated by Joaquin Phoenix.

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