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FazinoHD Qais

YouTube gamer who collaborates along with his sibling Masoud, primarily publishing FIFA gameplay alongside pranks. He also articles their famous every week Q&A Weekend and includes a 2nd route where he takes on every video game except FIFA known as KiaPando. He analyzed business computing technology at among London’s leading colleges for 24 months. He has called his followers the #FAZINOARMY. A lot of people who have fulfilled Qais cannot pronounce his name properly on the very first attempt. He continues to be called quiz, secrets, qia, quais and much more. He resides in London, Britain and makes video clips with his sibling FazinoHD Masoud. He and his sibling do a YouTuber Impressions video where they impersonated such well-known YouTubers as Joe Weller and PewDiePie.

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