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Emmett Kelly

Circus performer who created the memorable clown physique ‘Weary Willie’, predicated on the hobos from the Depression period. His circus profession spanned 55 years and he notably portrayed the part of ‘Willie’ in Cecil B. DeMille’s 1952 traditional The Greatest Display on the planet. He started his profession by performing like a trapeze designer and clown in the first 1920’s but didn’t begin working like a clown full-time until 1931. He envisioned the hobo clown personality while operating at a skill strong years before he experienced the circus. He’s depicted inside a popular photograph, still completely clown make-up and outfit, wanting to extinguish the open fire during the damaging Hartford Circus Open fire on July 6, 1944, that wiped out 167 people. He wedded circus trapeze designer Eva Moore. He was estranged from his child Emmett Kelly Jr. for quite some time because he experienced his child stole his “Weary Willie” personality. He was a clown physique during the Depressive disorder when Chief executive Franklin D. Roosevelt is at office.

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