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Comedian and tone of voice actor who was simply known as among the males on the road for the Steve Allen Display with a favorite catchphrase of ‘So why not, Bubbe?’ He began his profession in radio like a disk jockey for WINS (AM) from 1937-1938. He began working as an agent in NY after his entertainment profession ended. He was raised in Support Vernon, NY with his family members. He was classmates and close friends with Artwork Carney as a adult.

Quick Facts

Full Name Dayton Allen
Date Of Birth September 24, 1919
Died November 11, 2004, Hendersonville, North Carolina, United States
Place Of Birth New York City, NY
Profession Voice Actor
Nationality American
Siblings Bradley Bolke
Movies Winky Dink & You!: Vols. 1-3, Two Ton Baby Sitter
TV Shows Lancelot Link, Secret Chimp, The Steve Allen Show, Courageous Cat and Minute Mouse, Howdy Doody, The Adventures of Oky Doky, The Hector Heathcote Show, The Heckle and Jeckle Show, Deputy Dawg
Star Sign Libra

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1Best known for the voices of Deputy Dawg, the grumpy marionette Phineas T. Bluster in the Howdy Doody Show and the magpies Heckle and Jeckle.
2Biography in: "Who's Who in Comedy" by Ronald L. Smith; pg. 10. New York: Facts on File, 1992. ISBN 0816023387
3Catchphrase: "Why not?", always delivered with a somewhat manic expression and finger pointed in the air for emphasis.
4Went to the same school as Art Carney.
5Brother of actor Bradley Bolke.
6Character actor/comedian/cartoon voiceperson.



Happy Landing1949ShortHeckle / Jeckle / Bulldog (voice, uncredited)
The Catnip Gang1949ShortRadio Announcer / Bulldog Police Chief (voice, uncredited)
The Lyin' Lion1949ShortRingmaster (voice, uncredited)
The Lion Hunt1949ShortHeckle / Jeckle (voice, uncredited)
The Power of Thought1948ShortHeckle / Jeckle / Bulldog Cop (voice, uncredited)
The Racket Buster1948ShortNarrator / Edward G. Robincat (voice)
Goony Golfers1948ShortHeckle Jeckle Bulldog Golfer (voice, uncredited)
Free Enterprise1948ShortHeckle / Jeckle / Dimwit (voice, uncredited)
The Adventures of Oky Doky1948TV SeriesOky Doky (voice)
Magpie Madness1948ShortHeckle / Jeckle / Dimwit / ... (voice, uncredited)
Out Again, in Again1948ShortHeckle Jeckle Dimwit ... (voice, uncredited)
Triple Trouble1948ShortOil Can Harry (voice, uncredited)
A Sleepless Night1948ShortHeckle Jeckle (voice, uncredited)
Taming the Cat1948ShortHeckle / Jeckle / Cat (voice, uncredited)
Felix the Fox1948ShortDimwit / Felix the Fox (voice, uncredited)
The Howdy Doody Show1947TV SeriesPhineas T. Bluster (voice)
Lazy Little Beaver1947ShortWolf (voice, uncredited)
The Hitch Hikers1947ShortHeckle Jeckle Dimwit (voice, uncredited)
Flying South1947ShortHeckle Jeckle (voice, uncredited)
Cat Trouble1947ShortHeckle / Jeckle (voice, uncredited)
McDougal's Rest Farm1947ShortHeckle Jeckle (voice, uncredited)
The Uninvited Pests1946ShortHeckle, Jeckle, Dimwit (voice, uncredited)
The Crackpot King1946ShortKing (voice, uncredited)
The Tortoise Wins Again1946ShortPapa Hare / Papa Tortoise / Pig (voice)
The Talking Magpies1946ShortMagpie Husband, Dimwit, Magpie Salesman (voice, uncredited)
The Exterminator1945ShortRadio Announcer / Narrator (voice)
The Cotton Club1984Solly
Oscar's Birthday Present1971ShortAstronut / Oscar Mild / Spy / ... (voice)
Oscar's Thinking Cap1971ShortAstronut / Oscar (voice)
Martian Moochers1970ShortAstronut (voice)
Lancelot Link: Secret Chimp1970TV SeriesLancelot Link / Commander Darwin / Dr. Strangemind
Going Ape1970ShortAstronut / Oscar (voice)
Space Pet1969ShortAstronut / Oscar (voice)
Baron Von Go-Go1967ShortJames Hound (voice)
Frozen Sparklers1967ShortJames Hound (voice)
Bugged by a Bug1967ShortJames Hound (voice)
Marvin Digs1967ShortMarvin / George (voice, uncredited)
Fancy Plants1967ShortJames Hound (voice)
Mr. Winlucky1967ShortJames Hound (voice)
Traffic Trouble1967ShortJames Hound (voice)
Dr. Rhinestone's Theory1967ShortJames Hound (voice)
The Opera Caper1967ShortKidnappers (voice, uncredited)
Which Is Witch?1967ShortJames Hound (voice)
Give Me Liberty1967ShortJames Hound / Mr. Big / Chop Chop (voice)
The Steve Allen Comedy Hour1967TV SeriesVarious parts
A Voodoo Spell1967ShortJames Hound (voice)
It's for the Birds1967ShortJames Hound (voice)
The Heat's Off1967ShortJames Hound (voice)
The Phantom Skyscraper1966ShortJames Hound (voice)
Dreamnapping1966ShortJames Hound (voice)
Mighty Heroes1966TV SeriesAstronut
The Rain Drain1966ShortJames Hound (voice)
The Monster Master1966ShortJames Hound (voice)
Messed Up Movie Makers1966ShortHeckle Jeckle Movie Director ... (voice)
Dr. Ha-Ha1966ShortJames Hound (voice)
Stage Plight1966TV ShortVarious (voice)
Fort Fangenstein1966TV ShortProfessor Weirdo (voice)
Sphinx Jinx1966TV ShortVarious (voice)
Crumby Mummy1966TV ShortProfessor Weirdo (voice)
Gems from Gemini1966ShortAstronut (voice)
Milton the Monster1965TV Series
Twinkle Twinkle Little Telstar1965ShortAstronut / Oscar (voice)
The Munsters1965TV SeriesDr. Willoughby
Robots in Toyland1965ShortAstronut / Oscar (voice)
The Itch1965ShortFarley (voice, uncredited)
Weather Magic1965ShortAstronut / Oscar Mild / Weathermen (voice)
The Sky's the Limit1965ShortAstronut / Oscar (voice)
Luno the White Stallion1963-1965TV SeriesTim / Luno
No Space Like Home1965ShortAstronut / Oscar (voice)
Search for Misery1964ShortRoland Stone (voice)
Short-Term Sheriff1964ShortDuckwood (voice)
Monstrous Task1964TV ShortVarious (voice)
Molecular Mixup1964ShortAstronut / Oscar (voice)
Outer Galaxy Gazette1964ShortAstronut / Oscar (voice)
Kisser Plant1964ShortAstronut / Oscar (voice)
Brother from Outer Space1964ShortAstronut (voice)
The Red Tractor1964ShortDuckwood (voice)
Hokey Home Movies1964ShortAstronut / Oscar (voice)
Oscar's Moving Day1964ShortAstronut / Oscar Mild / Mr. Nicely (voice)
Split-Level Treehouse1963ShortSidney (voice)
Boy Pest with Osh1963TV ShortVarious (voice)
Driven to Extraction1963ShortSidney (voice)
Sidney's White Elephant1963ShortSidney (voice)
Trash Program1963ShortGeorge / Teacher (voice, uncredited)
The Deputy Dawg Show1959-1963TV SeriesDeputy Dawg / Muskie / Vincent Van Gopher / ...
The New Casper Cartoon Show1963TV SeriesVarious (1963) (voice, uncredited)
Big Chief No Treaty1962ShortDeputy Dawg / Muskie / Vincent Van Gopher / ... (voice)
Home Life1962ShortSidney (voice)
Nobody's Ghoul1962ShortDeputy Dawg (voice)
Rebel Trouble1962ShortDeputy Dawg / The Old Rebel / J.B. / ... (voice)
Where There's Smoke1962ShortDeputy Dawg (voice)
To Be or Not to Be1962ShortSidney (voice)
The Fleet's Out1962Short voice
The Adventures of Lariat Sam1962TV SeriesLariat Sam / Tippy-Toes (voice)
Send Your Elephant to Camp1962ShortSidney the Elephant (voice)
Cool Cat Blues1962ShortBodyguard / Sloppy Louie / Louie's Henchmen / ... (voice, uncredited)
Good and Guilty1962ShortGremlins / Nasty / Judge / ... (voice, uncredited)
Perry Popgun1962ShortPerry Popgun / Valet / Waiter / ... (voice, uncredited)
Shotgun Shambles1962ShortDeputy Dawg / Muskie / Alligator / ... (voice)
Tree Spree1961ShortStanley / Cleo the Giraffe (voice)
Cane and Able1961ShortCat (voice, uncredited)
The New Steve Allen Show1961TV SeriesRegular
Bopin' Hood1961ShortCat (voice, uncredited)
The Inquisit Visit1961ShortChaz Huntington / Minton Silver / Clyde (voice, uncredited)
Hound About That1961ShortHunter / Dog / Fox (voice, uncredited)
The Kid from Mars1961ShortRingmaster / Ticket-Seller (voice, uncredited)
Top Cat1960ShortCat / J. Caesar Bandwagon / Russians / ... (voice, uncredited)
Galaxia1960ShortMatchmaker (voice, uncredited)
Two-Ton Baby Sitter1960ShortCleo the Giraffe (voice)
The Steve Allen Plymouth Show1957-1960TV SeriesSketch Comic / Why Not Man
Hide and Go Sidney1959ShortSidney (voice)
The Hector Heathcote Show1959TV SeriesCleo the Giraffe
Grateful Gus1958ShortGrateful Gus (voice, uncredited)
The Heckle and Jeckle Show1956TV SeriesHeckle Jeckle (1956-1971) (voice)
The Reformed Wolf1954ShortWolf Friend (voice, uncredited)
Winky-Dink and You1953TV SeriesMr. Bungle
Movie Madness1951ShortHeckle Jeckle Studio Guard (voice, uncredited)
Howdy Doody's Christmas1951ShortUgly Sam (unconfirmed, uncredited)
The Cat's Tale1951ShortCat (voice, uncredited)
'Sno Fun1951ShortHeckle / Jeckle / Powerful Pierre / ... (voice, uncredited)
The Helpful Geni1951ShortGeni (voice, uncredited)
Sour Grapes1950ShortFoxy Fox (voice, uncredited)
King Tut's Tomb1950ShortHeckle / Jeckle / Sphinx (voice, uncredited)
All This and Rabbit Stew1950ShortVultures (voice, uncredited)
The Red-Headed Monkey1950ShortMajor Throttlebottom / Horses (voice, uncredited)
Law and Order1950ShortRadio Announcer / Pinhead / The Boss / ... (voice, uncredited)
The Dog Show1950ShortNarrator / Judge / Master of Ceremonies / ... (voice, uncredited)
Flying Cups and Saucers1949ShortDimwit / Moon Cats / Radio Announcer (voice, uncredited)
Dancing Shoes1949ShortHeckle, Jeckle (voice, uncredited)
Mrs. Jones' Rest Farm1949ShortMrs. Jones (voice, uncredited)
The Stowaways1949ShortHeckle / Jeckle / Dimwit / ... (voice, uncredited)
Hula Hula Land1949ShortHeckle, Jeckle, Dimwit (voice, uncredited)



The Howdy Doody Show1947TV Series puppeteer



Television: The First Fifty Years1999Video documentaryInsp. John J. Fadoozle
The 3rd Annual Television Academy Hall of Fame Awards1986TV SpecialHimself
The Mike Douglas Show1965-1972TV SeriesHimself - Comedian / Himself
The David Frost Show1969TV SeriesHimself
The Merv Griffin Show1965-1966TV SeriesHimself
I've Got a Secret1963TV SeriesGuest star
The New Steve Allen Show1961TV SeriesHimself
The Jack Paar Tonight Show1961TV SeriesHimself
The Steve Allen Plymouth Show1959TV SeriesHimself
The 11th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards1959TV SpecialHimself - Presenter

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