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Clyde Bruckman

American writer and director who specific in comedy films in the past due silent era and early sound era of cinema. He caused famous brands W.C. Areas, The Three Stooges, Laurel and Hardy, Harold Lloyd, and Abbott and Costello, but was most widely known for his use Buster Keaton. He co-wrote “Our Hospitality,” “Sherlock Jr.,” “The Navigator,” “Seven Possibilities,” “The Cameraman,” and “THE OVERALL,” all iconic Keaton automobiles. He also aimed W.C. Areas’ satire of Yukon melodramas, “The Fatal Cup of Beverage,” from 1933. His afterwards function was with Columbia Images’ short-subject section, where he churned out scripts for such well-known acts because the Three Stooges. He was starved for brand-new ideas, however, and finally resorted to stealing jokes from Lloyd and Keaton silent pants. He was ultimately sued by Lloyd after many lifts were uncovered in scripts for General Pictures, resulting in the finish of his feature-film profession. He was wedded to Gladys Bruckman. He wiped out himself using a pistol owned by Buster Keaton. He lent the .45-caliber tool on the lands that he was heading in a hunting trip. He was performed by Peter Boyle within a Period 3 bout of “The X-Files” known as “Clyde Bruckman’s Last Repose,” where his character can see the upcoming and anticipate how people will expire.

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