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Shooting guard who was simply a two-time Second-Team All Pacific-12 selection on the College or university of Washington, where he completed his career because the all-time leading three-point shooter in Huskies background. He was drafted using the 28th choose within the 2014 NBA Draft with the LA Clippers. He spent his early years as a child along with his grandmother in Eastman, Georgia. He shifted to Utah to reside with his dad at age group four. In 2013-14, he established a Washington Huskies record for some three-pointers manufactured in a single period with 90. His dad Craig played golf ball at Brigham Youthful College or university from 1993 to 1995. He was teammates with upcoming NBA participant Terrence Ross on the College or university of Washington.

Quick Facts

Full Name C. J. Wilcox
Salary 1.21 million USD
Date Of Birth December 30, 1990
Place Of Birth Georgia
Height 1.96 m
Weight 88 kg
Profession Basketball Player
Education University of Washington
Nationality American
Parents Craig Wilcox
Star Sign Capricorn

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1 He appeared in three Best Picture Academy Award winners: Gentleman's Agreement (1947), All the King's Men (1949) and The Greatest Show on Earth (1952).
2 Served on the Screen Actors Guild Board of Directors.
3 Honorary mayor of Granada Hills, California during the 1960s.
4 Studied at the Pasadena Community Playhouse alongside George Reeves, who was among his closest friends. He was best man at Reeves's wedding and they appeared in eleven films together.
5 In the final release print of 1951's Show Boat (1951), Wilcox, as a poker player, had no lines -- unusual for a familiar supporting actor who usually had a speaking part. But his role may have been a little more substantial in the rough cut, because the scenes of Gaylord Ravenal and Magnolia's "winning streak" in Chicago were trimmed some after it was decided that they slowed down the film.



Black Widow 1954 Zachary Paige (uncredited)
Naked Alibi 1954 Councilman Edgar Goodwin (uncredited)
A Star Is Born 1954 Frank (uncredited)
The Black Dakotas 1954 Zachary Paige (uncredited)
Public Defender 1954 TV Series Attorney
Lux Video Theatre 1954 TV Series Stanley
Rocky Jones, Space Ranger 1954 TV Series Truck Harmon
Cavalcade of America 1953-1954 TV Series Preacher
The Loretta Young Show 1954 TV Series Justin Thorne
Dangerous Mission 1954 Jeremiah Kern (uncredited)
Three Young Texans 1954 Bill McAdoo
Waterfront 1954 TV Series Henry Van Buren / Hank Van Buren
The Cisco Kid 1953 TV Series Henry Collins / Mayor Rayburn
Those Redheads from Seattle 1953 Vance Edmonds
China Venture 1953 Capt. Dryden (uncredited)
The Man from the Alamo 1953 Texas Patriot at Meeting (uncredited)
The Kid from Left Field 1953 Man at Bar (uncredited)
Affair with a Stranger 1953 Dr. Strong (uncredited)
Pony Express 1953 Mr. Walstron (uncredited)
Code Two 1953 Police Capt. Stark (uncredited)
Invaders from Mars 1953 Pentagon Chief of Staff (uncredited)
Big Town 1953 TV Series Joe Belden
Your Jeweler's Showcase 1953 TV Series
The Story of Three Loves 1953 Ship's Officer (segment "Equilibrium") (scenes deleted)
The Mississippi Gambler 1953 Judge (uncredited)
Ruby Gentry 1952 Clyde Pratt
Thunderbirds 1952 Uncle David 'Dave' Garrett
The Raiders 1952 Sam Sterling
Castle in the Air 1952 Sidney Gordon (uncredited)
The Duel at Silver Creek 1952 Dr. Clayton (uncredited)
Carrie 1952 Maitre D' (scenes deleted)
Ma and Pa Kettle at the Fair 1952 Driver at Accident (uncredited)
Scaramouche 1952 Deputy DeCrillion (uncredited)
The Half-Breed 1952 Sands
Young Man with Ideas 1952 Morton H. Clay (uncredited)
Flesh and Fury 1952 Businessman (uncredited)
Deadline - U.S.A. 1952 Senator (uncredited)
Trail Guide 1952 Regan
The Treasure of Lost Canyon 1952 Stranger (uncredited)
The Greatest Show on Earth 1952 Circus Doctor
Racket Squad 1951 TV Series Howard Langley
The Amos 'n Andy Show 1951 TV Series Harry Harrington
The Whip Hand 1951 Bradford (uncredited)
Show Boat 1951 Gambler Mark Hallson (uncredited)
As Young as You Feel 1951 Joe (uncredited)
Cavalry Scout 1951 Matson
Go for Broke! 1951 HQ General (uncredited)
Family Theatre 1951 TV Series Abenadar, the Centurion - St. Ctésiphon
Tinhorn Troubadors 1951 Short Mr. Osborne
Inside Straight 1951 Zoe's Doctor (uncredited)
Stars Over Hollywood 1951 TV Series
Payment on Demand 1951 Mr. Drake (uncredited)
Belle Le Grand 1951 John (uncredited)
Gambling House 1950 Mr. Warren (uncredited)
The Flying Missile 1950 Maj. Kennedy (uncredited)
Three Secrets 1950 Charlie (uncredited)
Mister 880 1950 Mr. Beddington (uncredited)
Chain Gang 1950 Lloyd Killgallen (uncredited)
The Fuller Brush Girl 1950 Roberts (uncredited)
Bunco Squad 1950 Mike Finlayson (uncredited)
Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye 1950 Doctor (uncredited)
Annie Get Your Gun 1950 Mr. Clay (uncredited)
Nancy Goes to Rio 1950 Kenneth Berten (uncredited)
Blondie's Hero 1950 Capt. Masters (uncredited)
The Kid from Texas 1950 Sheriff Pat Garrett
Key to the City 1950 Councilman (uncredited)
Malaya 1949 Naval Officer with Businessmen (uncredited)
East Side, West Side 1949 Frank Belmar (uncredited)
Samson and Delilah 1949 Lord of Ekron
All the King's Men 1949 Public Relations Man (uncredited)
The Doctor and the Girl 1949 House Surgeon (uncredited)
The Mysterious Desperado 1949 Elias P. Stevens
Masked Raiders 1949 Banker Corthell
The Fountainhead 1949 Gordon Prescott (uncredited)
House of Strangers 1949 Undetermined Secondary Role (uncredited)
The Clay Pigeon 1949 Navy Hospital Doctor
Your Show Time 1949 TV Series
The Philco-Goodyear Television Playhouse 1949 TV Series
South of St. Louis 1949 Captain (uncredited)
Slightly French 1949 Starr (uncredited)
Let's Live a Little 1948 Bennett's Salesman (uncredited)
The Return of October 1948 Mr. Rawlins (uncredited)
The Babe Ruth Story 1948 Surgeon Refusing to Treat Dog (uncredited)
The Miracle of the Bells 1948 Dr. Jennings
Caged Fury 1948 Dan Corey
The Voice of the Turtle 1947 Stanley Blake (uncredited)
Blondie's Anniversary 1947 Carter
Always Together 1947 Donn's Lawyer (uncredited)
Out of the Past 1947 Sheriff Ed Douglas (uncredited)
Her Husband's Affairs 1947 Floorwalker (uncredited)
Gentleman's Agreement 1947 Harry (uncredited)
Cass Timberlane 1947 Gregg Marl
Unconquered 1947 Richard Henry Lee (as Frank R. Wilcox)
Philo Vance's Secret Mission 1947 Thaddius Carter (uncredited)
Something in the Wind 1947 Mr. Masterson (uncredited)
High Barbaree 1947 Co-Pilot (uncredited)
Philo Vance Returns 1947 George Hullman
Hit Parade of 1947 1947 Show Character (uncredited)
I Cover Big Town 1947 Harry Hilton
Kung Fu 1973 TV Series Judge Moon
Mr. District Attorney 1947 Defense Attorney (uncredited)
Medical Center 1969-1972 TV Series Dan MacKenzie / Ashley Drumman
The Beginning or the End 1947 Dr. W.H. Zinn
The Million Dollar Duck 1971 Bank Manager
The Arnelo Affair 1947 McKingby (scenes deleted)
Mayberry R.F.D. 1970 TV Series Dr. Wilson
Dead Reckoning 1947 Hotel Desk Clerk (uncredited)
Mod Squad 1969 TV Series Howard Stone
Born to Speed 1947 uncredited
Petticoat Junction 1968-1969 TV Series Mr. Henderson / J. P. Marshall
Cloak and Dagger 1946 American Officer (uncredited)
Ironside 1969 TV Series Dr. Franklin Morton
Notorious 1946 FBI Agent (uncredited)
Bewitched 1968 TV Series J.P. Sommers / J. P. Sommers
The Devil's Mask 1946 Prof. Arthur Logan
The Red Skelton Hour 1956-1967 TV Series the Warden (Main Skit) / Governor Hopkins / Mr. Barker / ...
Strange Triangle 1946 Lawyer
It's About Time 1967 TV Series Gen. Morley
Without Reservations 1946 Jack (uncredited)
Pistols 'n' Petticoats 1966 TV Series Arthur Grenoble
Night Editor 1946 Douglas Loring
The Beverly Hillbillies 1962-1966 TV Series John Brewster
Conflict 1945 Robert Freston (uncredited)
Love on a Rooftop 1966 TV Series Mr. Handley
In the Meantime, Darling 1944 Capt. MacAndrews (uncredited)
The Wild Wild West 1966 TV Series Judge Bill Mott
Rainbow Island 1944 Captain (uncredited)
The Phyllis Diller Show 1966 TV Series Clark
The Adventures of Mark Twain 1944 Judge John Marshall Clemens (uncredited)
Please Don't Eat the Daisies 1966 TV Series Dean Vaughn
The Story of Dr. Wassell 1944 Captain's Aide for Evacuation (uncredited)
Honey West 1966 TV Series Mr. Burgess
Follow the Boys 1944 Capt. Williams (uncredited)
Mona McCluskey 1966 TV Series Gen. Somers
Four Jills in a Jeep 1944 Officer (uncredited)
12 O'Clock High 1966 TV Series Wilson Sechrist
The Sullivans 1944 Officer (uncredited)
Laredo 1965 TV Series Hendricks
Chip Off the Old Block 1944 Edward Storey (uncredited)
Mister Ed 1961-1965 TV Series Mr. Kerrigan / Dr. Chadkin / Henry Tyler / ...
Strange Confession 1944 Prosecutor
Kraft Suspense Theatre 1965 TV Series Lassiter
There's Something About a Soldier 1943/I Tom (scenes deleted)
I'll Take Sweden 1965 Mr. Dow (uncredited)
The North Star 1943 Cmdr. Petrov
Kentucky Jones 1965 TV Series Mr. Hartford
Edge of Darkness 1943 Jensen (uncredited)
The Joey Bishop Show 1963-1965 TV Series Dr. Rangle / Charles Clayton / Doctor
Truck Busters 1943 Police Capt. Gear
The Cara Williams Show 1965 TV Series Mr. Ashford
The Hidden Hand 1942 Dr. Lawrence Channing
The Addams Family 1964 TV Series Sam Harris
Across the Pacific 1942 Capt. Morrison
No Time for Sergeants 1964 TV Series
Busses Roar 1942 Detective Quinn
The Bill Dana Show 1964 TV Series Sam
Secret Enemies 1942 Counter-Espionage Man
The Munsters 1964 TV Series Albert Daly
Escape from Crime 1942 Cornell
Johnny Cool 1963 FBI Agent (uncredited)
Wings for the Eagle 1942 Stark
A Ticklish Affair 1963 Bill (uncredited)
The Daughter of Rosie O'Grady 1942 Short Henry Van Ness
The Untouchables 1959-1963 TV Series Beecher Asbury
Flying Fortress 1942 Judge at Hearing (uncredited)
The Jack Benny Program 1954-1963 TV Series Salesman / Mr. Benson / George--Judge / ...
Juke Girl 1942 Truck Driver (scenes deleted)
77 Sunset Strip 1959-1963 TV Series Walker / Paul Nolan
Murder in the Big House 1942 Randall
McKeever & the Colonel 1963 TV Series Gen. Howell
Lady Gangster 1942 Kenneth Phillips
The Real McCoys 1962 TV Series Jerrold B. Cook
Bullet Scars 1942 Mike
Wide Country 1962 TV Series Larry Stannard
Captains of the Clouds 1942 Flight Lt. Wood (uncredited)
Rawhide 1959-1962 TV Series Ben Whitney III / Col. Horatio Agee / Marshal Cox / ...
Wild Bill Hickok Rides 1942 Jim Martin - Ned's Lawyer
Wagon Train 1960-1962 TV Series Col. Draper / Nolan / Col. Barkley
I Don't Want to Walk Without You 1942 Short Waiter (uncredited)
Pete and Gladys 1961-1962 TV Series Mr. Brenner / Mr. Clibber
West of the Rockies 1941 Short
The Horizontal Lieutenant 1962 General (uncredited)
They Died with Their Boots On 1941 Captain Webb
Bronco 1958-1962 TV Series Colonel / Colonel Baylor / Walter Tyner
The Tanks Are Coming 1941 Short Colonel
Leave It to Beaver 1958-1962 TV Series Mr. Farmer / Dr. Frederick W. Harrison, DDS / District Court Judge
Navy Blues 1941 Seabag Inspection Officer (uncredited)
Death Valley Days 1961-1962 TV Series Mr. Waterfield / Kittredge
The Smiling Ghost 1941 Alan Winters in Photo (uncredited)
The Dick Powell Theatre 1961-1962 TV Series Ted Becker
Passage from Hong Kong 1941 Clerk (uncredited)
A Majority of One 1961 Noah Putnam
Highway West 1941 Murph - Motorcycle Cop
Straightaway 1961 TV Series Jennings
Bad Men of Missouri 1941 Funeral Minister (uncredited)
The Investigators 1961 TV Series Editor
Sergeant York 1941 Sergeant (uncredited)
Thriller 1961 TV Series The Detective
Affectionately Yours 1941 Tom
Checkmate 1961 TV Series Mr. Slocum
The Wagons Roll at Night 1941 Tex
Angel 1961 TV Series Judge William Simpson
Strange Alibi 1941 Reporter (uncredited)
The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis 1961 TV Series Dr. Worthington
A Shot in the Dark 1941 Naval Officer
The Donna Reed Show 1959-1961 TV Series George Heiser / Bartley Langley
Knockout 1941 Denning
The Case of the Dangerous Robin 1961 TV Series
Footsteps in the Dark 1941 FBI Agent Harrow (uncredited)
Swingin' Along 1961 Psychiatrist
Santa Fe Trail 1940 James Longstreet
Laramie 1960 TV Series Doctor
Lady with Red Hair 1940 Defense Assistant (uncredited)
General Electric Theater 1959-1960 TV Series Terry Brand
Father Is a Prince 1940 Income Tax Investigator
Maverick 1960 TV Series Chief Thomas Rawlins
City for Conquest 1940 Party Guest (uncredited)
Stagecoach West 1960 TV Series Claude Jessup
River's End 1940 Constable Kentish
Bachelor Father 1960 TV Series Ben McGavin
They Drive by Night 1940 Reporter #1 (uncredited)
Perry Mason 1957-1960 TV Series Judge Judge Romley Judge Newark ...
Pony Express Days 1940 Short Bolliver Roberts
M Squad 1960 TV Series Col. Arthur Donald
Young America Flies 1940 Short Civil Aeronautics Inspector (uncredited)
The Texan 1960 TV Series Robert Kincade
The Sea Hawk 1940 Martin Barrett (uncredited)
Tightrope 1960 TV Series Dr. Paul Walker
Gambling on the High Seas 1940 Stone
Tales of Wells Fargo 1960 TV Series Mr. Randolph
Murder in the Air 1940 Hotel Clerk
Please Don't Eat the Daisies 1960 TV Interviewer (uncredited)
Tear Gas Squad 1940 Sgt. Crump
Johnny Midnight 1960 TV Series Crane
'Til We Meet Again 1940 Ass't. Purser
The Millionaire 1957-1959 TV Series Harvey Thorpe / Ed Wilson
The Singing Dude 1940 Short Tex
The DuPont Show with June Allyson 1959 TV Series Peterson
Virginia City 1940 Union Soldier
Markham 1959 TV Series Lt. Conrad
Alice in Movieland 1940 Short 1st Director (uncredited)
Alcoa Theatre 1959 TV Series
Teddy the Rough Rider 1940 Short Roosevelt's Secretary (uncredited)
Bat Masterson 1959 TV Series Tobias Manning
Calling Philo Vance 1940 2nd Reporter (uncredited)
The Jayhawkers! 1959 Lieutenant at Checkpoint (uncredited)
The Fighting 69th 1940 Lieutenant Norman
The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp 1958-1959 TV Series Vic Bywater / Les Piersall
Old Hickory 1939 Short Capt. Abraham Lincoln
North by Northwest 1959 Herman Weitner (uncredited)
The Roaring Twenties 1939 Cabbie at Grand Central (uncredited)
Frontier Doctor 1959 TV Series Col. Dodge
The Monroe Doctrine 1939 Short Henry Clay
Go, Johnny, Go! 1959 Harold Arnold
Ride, Cowboy, Ride 1939 Short Steve
Westinghouse Desilu Playhouse 1959 TV Series Beecher Asbury
Postal Inspector 1936 Postmaster General
The Restless Gun 1958-1959 TV Series Sheriff Conroy / Sheriff Abner
Border Patrol 1959 TV Series Burkett
Behind Closed Doors 1959 TV Series Miles
The Rifleman 1959 TV Series Col. Cass
Good Day for a Hanging 1959 Judge Frazer (uncredited)
The Ann Sothern Show 1958 TV Series Mr. Davis
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Target 1958 TV Series
Playhouse 90 1958 TV Series
Man from God's Country 1958 Beau Santee
Studio One in Hollywood 1958 TV Series Chief Councilor
The Lineup 1958 TV Series
Hey, Jeannie! 1956-1958 TV Series Judge / Reagan
Broken Arrow 1957 TV Series Colonel Cordell / Colonel Bradford
Sugarfoot 1957 TV Series George Beaumont
Navy Log 1957 TV Series Adm. Sharpe
How to Marry a Millionaire 1957 TV Series Mr. Whitcomb
Pal Joey 1957 Col. Langley (uncredited)
Tip on a Dead Jockey 1957 Shields (uncredited)
Code 3 1957 TV Series Mark Cushman
Beginning of the End 1957 Gen. John T. Short
Telephone Time 1957 TV Series Rev. Gary
West Point 1957 TV Series Joe Scott
The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show 1953-1957 TV Series Mr. Boardman / Michael Rockford / Prof. Clinton / ...
Blondie 1957 TV Series Harry
The Adventures of Jim Bowie 1957 TV Series Commissioner Devereau
The Joseph Cotten Show: On Trial 1957 TV Series Garrett
Hell's Crossroads 1957 Gov. Crittenden of Missouri
The 20th Century-Fox Hour 1957 TV Series Chairman
Private Secretary 1953-1957 TV Series Dr. Martin
I Love Lucy 1957 TV Series Joe Spaulding
Kelly and Me 1957 George Halderman
Dance with Me, Henry 1956 Father Mullahy
7th Cavalry 1956 Maj. Reno
Hollywood or Bust 1956 Director (uncredited)
Crossroads 1956 TV Series John Gould
The Count of Monte Cristo 1956 TV Series Beaumont
The Adventures of Dr. Fu Manchu 1956 TV Series Mr. Scott
The Gale Storm Show: Oh! Susanna 1956 TV Series Duncan Glowrie
The Ten Commandments 1956 Wazir
A Strange Adventure 1956 The Public Defender
The First Traveling Saleslady 1956 U.S. Marshal Duncan
Earth vs. the Flying Saucers 1956 Alfred Cassidy (uncredited)
You Are There 1956 TV Series
The Man in the Gray Flannel Suit 1956 Hopkins' Physician (uncredited)
The Price of Fear 1956 Courtney (uncredited)
Never Say Goodbye 1956 Dr. Barnes
Studio 57 1956 TV Series Baxter
Uranium Boom 1956 Floyd Gorman
Father Knows Best 1956 TV Series Charlie
Meet Me in Las Vegas 1956 Sands Co-Owner (uncredited)
Front Row Center 1956 TV Series
Highway Hearing 1956 Short Gov. Theodore White
The Court-Martial of Billy Mitchell 1955 Maj. Tom (uncredited)
Damon Runyon Theater 1955 TV Series Henry T. Peering
It's a Great Life 1955 TV Series Ned
Trial 1955 Lawyer #2 (uncredited)
Climax! 1954-1955 TV Series Lt. Qualen / Dr. Kim Baylor
The Lone Ranger 1952-1955 TV Series Bradford / Slate Corbaley / Samuel DeWitt / ...
Fireside Theatre 1954-1955 TV Series
The Eternal Sea 1955 Cmdr. Calivin Durgin (uncredited)
The Ford Television Theatre 1953-1955 TV Series Paul Clark
Abbott and Costello Meet the Keystone Kops 1955 Rudolph Snavely (uncredited)
Carolina Cannonball 1955 Professor
The Bob Cummings Show 1955 TV Series Dr. Tony Baxter
Passport to Danger 1954-1955 TV Series Mr. Graham / Anderson
Topper 1954 TV Series Doctor Peters / Dr. Peters
Masterson of Kansas 1954 Prosecutor (uncredited)
The Pepsi-Cola Playhouse 1954 TV Series
Adventures of the Falcon 1954 TV Series Larry Preston



Bachelor Father 1960 TV Series performer - 1 episode



How to Fly the B-26 Airplane 1944 Documentary Colonel (uncredited)
Mountain Fighters 1943 Documentary short Commander

Archive Footage

Archive Footage

Hollywood Mavericks 1990 Documentary Gordon Prescott
Red Skelton: A Comedy Scrapbook 1981 Video documentary Lt. Quale-Public Pigeon #1
Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color 1974 TV Series Bank Manager
The Beverly Hillbillies 1963 TV Series John Brewster
The Beachcomber 1962 TV Series C.J. Brumbaugh (prologue)
Alcatraz Express 1960 TV Movie U.S. Attorney Beecher Asbury
The Scarface Mob 1959 TV Movie U.S. District Attorney Beecher Asbury
Mobs, Inc. 1956 Henchman (uncredited)

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