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Antonio Lievano

Referred to as SoFlo or SoSloAntonio, he’s known on the web for his prank videos. He provides multiple channels known as SoFloAntonio, SoFloComedy, and SoFloAntonioVlogs. His SoFloComedy route provides over 1.8 million subscribers. While participating in the College or university of Maryland, he previously the theory to prank women into kissing him. He developed ideas for a number of different prank movies all involving obtaining women to kiss him and began his type of effective YouTube stations in 2014. He developed a video known as “Drugging Women Prank” which were left with him obtaining take down, which he says had not been worthwhile. He provides since refrained from attempting this sort of prank once again. His parents support his video-making so long as he doesn’t break regulations or eventually ends up hurt an excessive amount of. He does operate the risk to be beaten up or slapped continuously, he statements. He was associated with a staged prank along with fellow internet video celebrity Sam Pepper.

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