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Andy Warhol

Led a visible art movement referred to as Pop Artwork; offered a painting entitled Eight Elvises for $100 million. His artwork crossed many mediums from hands sketching to painting to printmaking to pictures to silk testing, sculpture, film, and music. Pioneered computer-generated artwork with his usage of Amiga computer systems. He founded a studio room in the 1960s known as The Manufacturer. He participated in the 1964 show, The American Supermarket. He was shot by radical-feminist article writer Valerie Solanas on June 3, 1968. He coined the term “quarter-hour of popularity” and developed Pop Artworks that bordered on advertising campaign, such as for example Campbell’s Soup Cans from 1962. He was created the fourth kid of Ondrej and Julia Warchola and got two old brothers called Paul and John. He created Sydenham’s chorea, leading to his extremities to go involuntarily, and spent a lot of his years as a child in bed hearing music. His pop painting of Marilyn Monroe was centered from the expressionist design of Willem de Kooning and became a Pop Artwork icon.

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