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Danger Mouse

Musician, songwriter, and manufacturer who all helped Gnarls Barkley discharge “Crazy” in 2006 who all also released The Grey Record in 2004. He was important in the membership picture around Athens, Georgia. One of is own first tasks was known as Pelican Town. He is at Broken Bells with Adam …

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John Baldwin Gourley

Famous as the frontman and a founding person in the Oregon-based rock-band Portugal. THE PERSON, Gourley added to several U.S. Best 50 rock strikes, including “Crimson, Yellow, Crimson and Blue” (from Portugal. The Man’s Bad Friends recording) and “People State” (from this year’s 2009 recording The Satanic Satanist). In 2001, …

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Lee Evans

British isles comedian and actor known for his physical and musical humor. He made an appearance in the movies Mouse Hunt, The Fifth Component, and There’s Something About Mary. As a kid, he went to Billericay College, where he was bullied. He competed being a boxer and performed being a …

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Mike Harding

Known for such well-known tunes and albums as “The Rochdale Cowboy” and something Man Display, this English folk singer and songwriter also had a career like a stand-up comic and humor writer, appearing about several BBC applications and penning such books because the Unluckiest Man on the planet as well …

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Barbara Murray Holland

A twentieth-century American article writer, she actually is known for such vice-celebrating functions as Endangered Pleasures: In Protection of Naps, Bacon, Martinis, Profanity, and Various other Indulgences; The Pleasure of Drinking; so when All the Globe Was Little. Her various other creatively-titled functions include Secrets from the Kitty and Creepy …

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